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How To Become a Freelancer in the Freelancer market.

Freelancing is a most popular online working place in the world. Being a freelancer means a lot of freedom to plan your own days at work.

But true voice is to be a highly experienced in that field. Because you need to compete with world class people. From my 7 to 10 years experience i have some good experienced. 

Remember you need to huge time for it.

I think this steps you need for becoming a Freelancer

First: Take decision about your work

Primarily you need to make your decision to what you need to work. select your subject about your work. Such as

  • web design
  • writing
  • designing
  • multimedia      and son

second: learn and learn

Then you need to learn more and more. Even all critical things about it.

Third: Practice as demo
Then you need to practice as DEMO version of your  work. You can manage some DEMO work in online.

Fourth: Self confidence
When you make a confidence that you have a fulfill experience in this work then apply
as a freelancer. or

Fifth: apply for real work
Then you need to open a real account in the freelancing site. is a most popular site in the world as freelancer.  

Sixth: Make a marketing/business plan

Then start yourself marketing in the market. Before marketing you need to learn about marketing on social media. As like face book, YouTube, LinkedIn.

 Seventh: Try and try
It’s a hard to get job in the freelancer market. So you have to hard try to got a job.
Soooooooooooo be ready to be freelancer. 

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